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8Mbps Residential: $65.00+GST/month
 One time installation fee: $250.00+GST

8Mbps Residential with VOIP: $90.00+GST/month
 One time installation fee: $250.00+GST
 *Requires a VOIP router: $150.00+GST

15Mbps Residential: $100.00+GST/month
 One time installation fee: $250.00+GST

15Mbps Residential with VOIP: $125.00+GST/month
 One time installation fee: $250.00+GST
 *Requires a VOIP router: $150.00+GST

*Installation fee includes a wireless subscriber unit either on your roof, under an eave, or on a pole with Cat 5 Ethernet cable running into your home and connection to PC or network. All above mentioned equipment is property of Arrow. Certain restrictions may apply.

Use a Router for optional wireless access, you can connect multiple PCs into one network. Your high speed Internet connection can be shared amongst members of the household, allowing your entire family to use the Internet simultaneously. With Arrow's home networking modem/Router, you can have your own home network up and running in no time!

Additional Hardware Request/Options
Arrow Technician's will install and configure the following you have chosen upon installation.  
Network Router with VOIP capacity
Allows you to plug your current phone into the router for VoIP services and will provide wifi.

Other Charges and Fees:
Technician Service calls for non-warranty service $85/hour+GST*
Networking Service call (on-site) $150/hour+GST*

*Full payment will be required at the time of installation.

Need more bandwidth?
See our High Speed Internet for Business for additional pricing.

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